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Mistral WIP by effete-denizen
Mistral WIP
 Slowly getting there! A few details left to add and she'll be ready for texturing! This belongs in scraps, not finished and contains copyrighted material I am not taking credit for! The concept art is there as it was the reference used for this model as per my brief.

 Bit off more that I was expecting with this model, learnt loads so far but there is still a fair bit ahead of me!!!!!

 Currently at 5468 tris of 6000 so a little leeway to add detail and move things around if needed.
Feedback Upload 02 by effete-denizen
Feedback Upload 02
 First deviation EVER in which I've clicked 'Mature Content' as, you've guessed it, those are supposed to be breasts on the chest of this model.

 I really need feedback on this base mesh, I'm not sure the breasts look right at all! I've been using reference images and looking at other meshes but some pointers would be massively appreciated.

 Download for Full Size.
 Hey there,

 I've been slowly learning (and hopefully improving) pixel art for a project for school. Today my lecturer told me if I carry on with pixel art for my current project it has to be 2014 pixel art but didn't give any further direction =/
  I think they're worried I am being lazy/jumping on a bandwagon by choosing pixel art.

I'm not doing 8-bit or anything intentionally retro looking but wondered what distinguished something as '2014' in pixel art. I've always had a love for the style and kept up with pixel art games and their art styles are all over the place from the retro styled Hotline Miami to minimalistic Ikarla and Fists of Awesome to name a few.

At the moment the style I'm using is inspired by the cartoonish art from the Lucas Art's game Full Throttle which I think still doesn't look dated today.
 The stuff in my gallery presently isn't representative of my current work on this project but you can see me moving from my first attempt to picking the art style.
Boom Sticks progress by effete-denizen
Boom Sticks progress
Decided to colour over the sketch... not looking as bad as I thought it would! Pretty sure this is going to have some funky distortion as the pic of the sketch was taken using my phones camera with the camera offset rather than directly above! 

 So far all of the colours added are flat that I'll shade once I pick a light direction... eventually.
Boom Sticks by effete-denizen
Boom Sticks
My hand drawn pictures are slightly less naff than they used to be, but they're still going to live in scraps for now till I improve!
 Haven't added a journal for a while and thought it was about time I did!

 Badly formatted mess that it is...

 In the world of work I've managed to get another job creating some assets for an Android game! I'm really happy to be working in art again! Hopefully I can continue to expand my portfolio and slowly improve my abilities with pixels.

 Really getting into animation again now, I'm hoping to start creating more animated and more complex bits and pieces soon but my main job (working on a beach!) is hindering that a bit.

 In other news, my companies game, Mech Mania, is finally clawing its way back out from several long months in Development Hell. Our programmer had to leave for a bit after having his first kid after some turmoil after the previous programmer had attempted to hold the game code hostage. Lots of stress has thankfully dissipated and we can now look forward to some wonderful progress!!!


I've recently fallen in love with the simple style of this game! The animation has a lot of character and charm (check out the Tigsource link so see the enemies!). I've not had anything to do with it but after coming across it I'm watching its development.……

 In other news, :iconhdzph4ntom: recreated my The Last Unicorn piece using Minecraft! I was pretty surprised by this, must have taken a while!
A Unicorn Pixel Art by HDzPh4ntom

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